For over 50 years, National Power Equipment Co. Inc. has been perfecting the service of emergency & stand-by mobile steam & hot-water power plants.

Our specialty is serving our customers with only the best of equipment and layout designs that are safe & simple to operate. We exclusively use Cleaver Brooks boilers in our fleet to ensure reliability and performance to our customers.

Our rental fleet is substantially comprised of 30-HP to 300-HP steam & hot-water boilers, fully installed and contained into 30ft to 45ft enclosed & semi-enclosed trailers. Fuel tanks are double-walled / diked for safety and hold up to 1000 gallons of fuel. Larger boilers are and fuel tanks are also available up to 57,000 MMBH.

Each boiler is NJ registered and routinely inspected by Dept. of Pressure Vessels for compliance, integrity & safety. We take great pride in our equipment and the service we provide.